Orlando attorney Jose Baez to represent Aruba suspect Gary Giordano

ORLANDO - The lead attorney in Casey Anthony's murder trial is turning his attention to a high-profile case involving a Maryland businessman suspected in the death of his female travelling companion.

Jose Baez says he has been retained to defend Gary Giordano, who has remained behind bars in Aruba for nearly a month. Authorities believe Giordano is responsible for the presumed death of 35-year-old Robyn Gardner of Frederick, Maryland.

Giordano claims Gardner was swept out to sea while snorkeling. Her body has not been found.

As in the Anthony case, there is a great deal of circumstantial evidence against Giordano, but nothing concrete.

Baez would not discuss his role in the Giordano case. TMZ reports his focus will be on forensic evidence.

Baez gained national attention in the Anthony case. In July, Casey was acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee. She's now living at an undisclosed location in Florida serving probation on an unrelated check fraud conviction.

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