New prescription cards claim to save big money on drugs. But is it true?

Prescription drug cards come with big claims

TAMPA, Fla. - Prescription cards promise to save your family money. But do they work?

The card says it saves you up to 75 percent on every prescription medication, but one local expert says that's simply not true.

Carrollwood pharmacy owner Dan Fucarino says his customers started showing up with the national prescription savings network card in recent months. But then he noticed something strange while filling a prescription for the common cholesterol medication Lipitor.

According to Carrollwood Pharmacy, the cost for Lipitor is less without the card.

We checked. Publix, CVS and Walgreens all take this particular card, but users would be wise to check prices on their prescriptions with and without the card before they make a purchase.

A spokesperson for the card company says its data shows an average savings of almost 50 percent on drugs and that currently more than 5 million people are using the card nationwide.

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