Miami 'zombie' attack inspires 20-year-old to make zombie prank video, YouTube video goes viral

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The fascination with zombies, although they really don't exist, continues to dominate the Internet.

The discussion was brought on by a face-eating attack in Miami, which was followed by a string of other gruesome cases across the country.

What's the fascination with zombies? "Because it's unusual. People think they can only see it in the movies," said Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, the Boca Raton resident behind latest zombie-related viral video.

The attention to the "undead" has risen so much that the government has even stepped in. In a letter to the Huffington Post, The Centers for Disease Control officially declared there is no "Zombie Apocalypse".

There is one YouTube video in particular that is getting a lot of attention. In fact, the video has had over a million hits in the day since it was posted online. Mainly, because of the panic it caused on the streets of Miami and Boynton Beach.

The prankster behind it, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, 20. "Yeah, I got hit a couple of times in the back of my head," Zdorovetskiy told NewsChannel 5.

Dressed in full zombie make-up for two days, Zdorovetskiy and his friend ran around scaring South Florida residents, who ran for their lives.

Two minutes into the video, it appears that one person pulls out a gun and points it at Zdorovetskiy. "I actually didn't get to see that part until I started editing the video. And then I had to zoom in in slow motion and thought, yep, that was a gun. I actually didn't sleep for that whole day," Zdorovetskiy said.

When NewsChannel 5's Mollie Reynolds asked him whether he worried other young people might be influenced by his video and try to pull off their own 'Zombie prank', Zdorovetskiy said it's the reason he put a warning on the video, because he was scared it could be repeated.

When asked whether he would do it again, knowing that he could have been shot, Zdorvetskiy said he would because he knew it would go viral.

Zdorovetskiy says he and his friend, Brendan Moss, the camera man, are already profiting from the YouTube video.

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