Man pays down 76 layaway orders worth $20,000 at Fla. store

LADY LAKE, Fla. - When a man overheard a woman mention that she couldn't afford to pay for her layaway order at a central Florida Wal-Mart store, he decided to help.

Officials at a Wal-Mart in The Villages say Greg Parady donated $20,000 to pay down the layaway accounts of 76 customers on Saturday.

Orlando television stations report that Parady paid off the accounts of about six people who were at the store on Saturday. And he paid half the balance for those who owed $200 or more.

A single mother and a woman who is battling cancer were among those helped by Parady's gift.

Wal-Mart officials say the financial planner told them about half the money came from his personal credit card. The other half came from his company.

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