Former Florida GOP boss Jim Greer strikes plea deal, pleads guilty to theft, money laundering

ORLANDO - There will be no criminal trial for former Florida GOP chairman Jim Greer, who struck a plea deal Monday morning.  He will be sentenced after pleading guilty to four counts of theft and money laundering.

Prosecutors say he secretly set up a shell company and used it to funnel $125,000 from the Republican Party into his own accounts.

Many felt a trial would bring the Florida Republican Party to its knees.

Powerful leaders from Florida's Republican Party were to be put front and center, one in particular being former Florida Republican governor turned independent, turned democrat, Charlie Crist.

While 50-year-old Greer would have been the one on trial---- the curtain was expected to be pulled back on the Republican Party--- detailing inside actions from 2007 to 2010.

The state claimed Greer funneled the money he allegedly stole into a personal account.

Greer faces up to 35 years in prison.  There was no word on whether there is a pre-determined sentence.  A sentencing hearing is set for March 27. 

Greer remains free until sentencing. He originally was charged with six counts of fraud, laundering and four counts of theft.  He faced a possible sentence of 75 years on those charges.

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