Florida Senate to vote today in internet cafe ban, cafes concerned

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. -  A bill to outlaw internet cafes is gaining momentum and today, it's expect to get another yes vote.

They've been popular with senior citizens who frequent them -- but people who want to ban them say its essentially legal gambling -- never mind a racketeering probe that embroiled our state lieutenant governor.

Jennifer Carroll resigned last week amid questioning.

The state senate gaming committee is taking this on Monday after the house gaming committee almost unanimously passed through the ban, last Friday in Tallahassee.

The internet cafes have been grouped together with adult arcades who claim to promote "games of skill," but have also been looked at as a form of legal gambling.

A recent bust of a racketeering probe connected with these cafes that dragged in former Lieutenant Jennifer Carroll who resigned last week while being questioned about it sped up the move to ban them tremendously.

But for the people who use or own these cafes, they say more is at stake.

In all, about a thousand of these cafes and arcades exist in Florida -- and they employ anywhere from four to thirteen thousand people, who could find themselves also out of a job, if the ban goes through.

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