Florida repeals international driving permit requirement


Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill Tuesday repealing a law that required foreign visitors to get an international driving permit before driving in Florida.
The Legislature passed the law last year, but it sparked protests from a lot of tourists, especially from Canadians who vacation here each year.
Once lawmakers saw the law might hurt Florida's tourism industry, they quickly moved to dump the measure.
It's the first bill Gov. Scott has signed this legislative session.
"We love our international visitors, and we want to do everything possible to ensure their stay here in Florida is an enjoyable one," said Scott.  "Florida is committed to being the number one tourist destination."
Ian Jack of the Canadian Automobile Association called the permit issue a hiccup in Canada's friendship with Florida. He said true friends always overcome those hiccups.
"It's a real story of friendship and friendships don't always run completely smoothly.  We all have our hiccups in our friendships," said Jack.  "The question is, do we overcome them, and true friends always do and I think that's what happened here."
More than 3 million Canadians vacation in the Sunshine State each year.
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