Florida is set to possibly break a record, No deadly gator attacks for five years

Last person killed by gator was in 2007

It's a record that has stood for almost 30 years, and now the state of Florida is on the verge of breaking it. No one has been killed by an alligator in almost five years.


"He comes up right behind me and, I felt like just a big tackle, like a thud right around my head, and it just took me under so I started swinging a little bit," Andrew Hudson said. He was attacked by a 10-foot alligator while swimming in a lake in Seminole County back in July. 


"I knew it was a big gator. I felt him, like his whole body. I can't get that out of my head you know. It's crazy," Andrew said.


Luckily Andrew survived, but for others who get caught in the powerful jaws of a gator, it can be deadly.


Here in Florida, we are on somewhat of a lucky streak. The last person to be killed by an alligator was in 2007.


So if we can make it to the end of the year with no gator-related deaths, a new record will be set. No deadly gator attacks for five years.


People are staying away from them," Vernon Yates said. He owns Wildlife Rescue and Rehab in Seminole. 


Back in 2006, three people were killed in one week after being attacked by alligators here in Florida.


Those attacks led to some new laws that made it easier to hunt and kill these reptiles, and it also led to more people getting educated. 


"People should understand that they should stay away from lakes and ponds early morning, early evenings. That is the prime time for the alligator to eat," Vernon said. He also says you shouldn't feed gators.


"People start feeding the alligators and the alligator doesn't know where the food stops and starts," he said.


Experts do say it's probably just pure luck no one's been killed. They also say with temperatures cooling off, gators are less likely to attack.


"The alligators don't eat, the alligators aren't going to be prone to moving so much," Vernon said.


Considering these last few months will bring cooler temperatures, Florida's chance at breaking that record seems to be a possibility. 

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