Florida Governor Rick Scott set to sign texting while driving ban

MIAMI - Florida will become the 40th state to ban texting and driving Tuesday afternoon as Governor Rick Scott will sign the Senate Bill into law.  While many are praising the bill, some say the new law simply won't be strict enough. 

The bill states texting and driving will be considered a secondary offense. That means the police cannot pull a driver over just because they suspect the driver is texting and driving. The driver has to be stopped for something else to get cited. 

If someone is ticketed for texting while driving that person will be ordered to pay a minimum 30 dollar fine for the first offense. The second offense will be a minimum 60 dollar fine, plus three points on their driving record. 

The push to ban texting while driving comes as new statistics emerge from the National Safety Council citing 1.6 million accidents a year are due to texting and driving. 

The Institute for Highway Safety reports it is the number one distraction among teen drivers and 11 teenagers die everyday from a rashes where texting was involved. 

Governor Scott is scheduled to sign the bill at 1:00 Tuesday afternoon at a high school in Miami. It would then go into effect October 1.


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