Florida GOP primary had most negative campaign ads ever, report says

TAMPA BAY, Fla. - The Republican race in Florida set a new record, but it's not something to necessarily be proud of---the state's primary takes the crown for the most negative campaign on record, according to a CNN report.

Campaign Media Analysis Group, an organization that tracks Florida's political ads, found that 92 percent of the ads airing in the state this past week were negative.

Of the 11,586 television spots that appeared on television between January 23- 29, 10,633 were negative.

Florida primary winner Mitt Romney had 3,276 ads, and 959 percent of those were negative. His main opponent, Newt Gringrich, had 1,012 ads, and 95 percent of those were negative.

Most of the negative campaign ads aired in Florida, 68 percent of them, were aimed at Gingrich. Twenty-three percent of them were for Romney. Pro-Gingrich ads made up 9 percent of all the ads while spots in support of Romney were less than .1 percent.

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