Florida family battles homeowners group over right to keep potbellied pig

A Lake Worth family is battling its homeowners association in order to keep a pet 65-pound potbellied pig, ABC News reports .
Wilbur, a neutered, micro-chipped, certified emotional-support animal, lives in the Halpern family's home.
The Halperns liken the animal to another member of their family. The house-trained pig sometimes sleeps in the bed with one of the family's children, ABC News reports. They adopted Wilbur at five weeks old and say the animal has had a positive impact on their sons. The boys have ADHD, ABC News reports, and one of them has Asperger syndrome.
The Cypress Woods Home Owner’s Association has asked the family to remove the animal. Its attorneys question whether Wilbur is actually an emotional support animal. The Halperns say it’s legal to keep the animal as an indoor pet.
The fight has been going on for six months. ABC News could not reach the homeowners association for comment.
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