Doctors working to save leg of two year old who was run over by lawn mower

Child's mother was mowing lawn

HIGHLANDS COUNTY, Fla. - Doctors are working to save the leg of a two-year-old Lake Placid boy who was run over by a lawn mower Wednesday morning.

Investigators say Anthony Meza was on a toy bike, when his mother Maria Huerto Bello switched the riding lawn mower in reverse and ran over his leg.

Highlands County Sheriff Susan Benton said the 23-year-old mother just started mowing the lawn when it happened.

Detectives didn't learn about until Wednesday afternoon because Bello chose to drive her son straight to the hospital herself without calling for help.

"We empathize with this family for the suffering they're going through, the child, and just the whole situation," said Sheriff Benton.

Anthony was flown to Tampa General Hospital where on Thursday he underwent his second extensive surgery.

Doctors said they are making every effort to save his leg, and so far it's looking good.

Nicole Nugent knows exactly what Anthony's parents are going through -- her now three-year-old daughter, Ireland is still recovering after losing both feet in the same type of accident.

"Right now it feels like life's over, it's never going to be the same. But it will get better, and day by day it will get better, and once your baby is laughing and smiling and back to their old selves, you will get better," Nugent said.

This is now the third lawn mower accident in five months in the bay area, and Nugent now believes it's now time for lawn mowers to be regulated.

"Maybe now that people realize that this is happening over and over and over again people will realize these are accidents. These are small kids and even if you're looking behind you, they're shorter than the lawnmower," she said.

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