Seminole man with mental and physical disabilities found dead


The body of a disabled man who had been missing since early December was discovered Wednesday afternoon in a wooded area near 102nd and 113th Street, not far from the St. Petersburg College Seminole campus.

Robert Dulin's death does not appear to be suspicious, according to the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

Previous report:

Tom Dulin rushed back to his home in Seminole from a business trip to the Northeast after hearing that his brother had disappeared.   A week later, he's no closer to finding out where his brother went or why.

"He needs to come home.  He needs to be with his family for Christmas," Dulin said.

Robert Dulin, 58, was last seen on surveillance video leaving congressman C.W. "Bill" Young's Seminole branch office at 10:50 a.m. December 4.  Presumably Dulin started making his way along 113th street towards the Pine Tree Manor assisted living facility where he lived.  

The proprietor of the facility said Dulin never arrived, and a search to find him has turned up nothing.  

Dulin has both physical and mental disabilities as a result of a severe car crash in 1978.  His brother said he walks unusually fast and his arms are often pointed upwards, traits that may help him stand out to passersby.

"The scar on his face.  The recessed right eye.  The fast, but stiff, walk that he has.  Anything that you see, call the Sheriff's office," Dulin said.

Dulin's brother takes several medications for panic attacks and seizures, and there's concern that he could become seriously ill after several days without care.

Robert Dulin depends entirely on federal benefits for income, and he was visiting with a congressional aide about applying for veteran's benefits, but he was told he didn't qualify because he never served in the military.

Dulin would often walk along 113th street and 102nd Avenue, and was familiar with the area.  His brother said he can't imagine him being a target.

"He does not have any money.  He doesn't have any valuables.  There's no reasonable reason that I can think of why someone would have taken him," Dulin said.

Dulin was known to approach people, even those he didn't know.

"He loves to talk.  He'll walk up to somebody and talk about anything and try to bond with them," Dulin said.  

"He's not afraid of strangers, so he doesn't have the fear."

The Pinellas County Sheriff's Office wants anyone with information about Robert Dulin's whereabouts to call (727) 582-6200.

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