Security guard talks about being run over while on the job

PALM HARBOR, Fla - "No one knows if I am going to walk. They don't know."

Tears of sadness and anger from Douglas Berube as he faces the reality, his life will never be the same.

"He blew my kneecap right off the muscle. It's ripped right off the muscle."

Everything changed in a flash early Friday morning at Silks Nightclub in Palm Harbor.

Berube works there as a security guard and broke up an altercation.  After being threatened he tried to stop one of the men from taking off.

"The next minute I saw his hand reach up and put the car in reverse."

Pulling Berube underneath and running him over two times.

"The only thing I could hear was my legs popping."

Surveillance photos from the club show the man troopers believe ran over Berube and crushing both his legs.

Berube has no insurance. Now unable to work he doesn't know how he's going to take care of his girlfriend, her three kids and grand kid.

"I have my family I've got to take care of and now I can't because of something stupid like this."

Berube will have to stay in the hospital for several more weeks. He will undergo more tests and operations.

Right now it's too early to tell if he will ever walk again.

The Florida highway patrol is continuing to investigate. They ask if anyone knows the person in those surveillance photos or have any information to contact them at 813-631-4020.

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