Solar-powered plane begins the longest leg of a cross country trip

DALLAS, Tx. - The solar impulse took off from Dallas-Fort Worth International airport early Monday morning.  The plane is going to Lambert-St. Louis International airport.  

The plane flies about 40 mph. The Texas to St. Louis leg is about 560 miles.

The rest of the schedule includes Dulles International Airport near Washington and New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The plane started its trip in Northern California on May 3.  It landed the following day in Phoenix.  Then the plane departed Phoenix on May 22 and landed a day later in Texas.

This is the very first attempt at flying across the country by a solar powered plane capable of flying day and night without fuel.

This project was started by two Swiss pilots.  They're trying to show that flying can be done without fossil fuels.  The pilots have a goal of flying around the world in a solar powered plane in 2015.

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