Protect your smartphone from two new Android viruses

The Internet Crime Complaint Center is warning Android smartphone users about two new viruses making the rounds.

The first is Loozfon. It uses malware to steal contact information from the infected device. One of the versions of Loozfon masks itself as a work-at-home opportunity. Once the smartphone user clicks the link in the advertisement, the malware is pushed onto the phone.

Finfisher is another new virus wreaking havoc on Android devices. Once loaded onto your phone, FinFisher can remotely control and monitor your phone, no matter where you are. This virus is transmitted through what seems to be a system update, sent through a text-messafe or a web link.

There are many ways to protect your phone from the dangerous malware, but here are 5 helpful tips:

  • Be sure to read over the terms and permissions of any downloaded apps.
  • Be aware of apps that can enable geo-location. They can be used to track your location, making your more susceptible to being stalked or robbed.
  • Avoid using unknown wireless networks. Information that you share online can be stolen from rogue servers.
  • Password protect your device and enable a screen-lock.
  • Search for apps that specialize in malware protection.

For more information, visit the Internet Crime Complaint Center at .

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