Pew: Half of US adults own tablet or smartphone

WASHINGTON (AP) - Americans' news consumption is going mobile but many people also remain rooted in traditional sources.

A survey by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism finds that half of all adult Americans now own either a tablet computer or a smartphone. One-third use their mobile devices to view news stories and video clips at least once a week.

About 20 percent of the mobile news users surveyed said they paid for an online subscription in the last year. Nearly one-third of the mobile users also have print-only subscriptions, and most have no plans to give them up.

The poll also finds that devices based on Google's Android platform are gaining momentum. Forty-eight percent now own an Android-based device. Pew found that just over half of tablet owners reported owning Apple's iPad, compared with 81 percent a year ago.

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