New website tracks Facebook foibles

Do you know who can read your Facebook posts?

A new website launched Sunday might make you think twice about what you post to your social media accounts.

Callum Haywood, an 18-year-old from England, has launched the site , which posts content from Facebook accounts based on keywords in each status update or tweet.

The posts "answer" four potentially embarrassing questions: Who wants to get fired? Who's hung over? Who's taking drugs? Who's got a new phone number?

The new site provides laughs — at least for those who have not posted about their boss, inebriation or phone number. But it could pose problems if employers, friends or even criminals see you on

Anyone can obtain a phone number from the site, and each post comes with a hyperlink that directs the viewer straight to the offending person's Facebook page.

"I made this today, hopefully it'll make people think about their privacy settings on Facebook," Haywood said Sunday on Twitter .

The site also includes a "location checker," which automatically maps people who check into their homes on Foursquare. Foursquare typically is used for indicating one's visit to a public place, not to a residence. Fortunately for Americans, that feature appears only to document people who live in Nottingham, England, where Haywood resides.

Heywood said on Twitter that all information he uses is publicly available on Facebook, Foursquare and Google Maps, and he simply is bringing it all together in one place.

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