New planet named Planet UCF 1.01 discovered; exoplanet found orbiting star GJ 436

University of Central Florida scientists have discovered a new planet that is the closest Earth-size planet ever discovered outside our solar system,  the Orlando Sentinel reports .

The planet, known as 'Planet UCF 1.01' was named after the university and is only 33 light years away from Earth, according to the scientists.

It is described as an "exoplanet" orbiting a red dwarf star called GJ 436.

"Cosmically speaking, that's right around the corner," discoverer Kevin Stevenson told the  Orlando Sentinel  . 

According to the report, UCF 1.01 is about 5,200 miles in diameter, slightly larger than Mars, smaller than Venus. Scientists say it's so hot (at least 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit) that it has no atmosphere and may have a molten surface.

Read the full report from the Orlando Sentinel.

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