June 16: New emojis emerge and dad dancing lights up Father's Day in this week's digital review

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - From big news to big breaks, we're recapping the top stories that made headlines this past week. Check out our digital week in review: 

Emoji fever – If you’re an emoji aficionado, you’ve encountered this scenario: your phone’s keyboard just doesn’t have that perfect symbol you’re looking for. Well, that’s all about to change. 250 new emojis are coming to a phone near you when Unicode rolls out Version 7.0 – which will include a middle finger emoji for those times when words just won’t cut it. 

The Visuals in the Video – The band OK Go is well-known for wowing their fans with creative and eye-catching music videos. They made headlines with 2009’s “Here It Goes Again” video (you know, the one with the treadmills), and now, they’re challenging your perspective with their visual illusion-filled video for “The Writing’s On The Wall.” Check it out and see if it doesn’t blow YOUR mind! 

The Evolution of Dad Dancing – First, “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon hit the stage with First Lady Michelle Obama to show you the history of “mom dancing.” This week, he honored dad’s sweet skills with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to bring viewers “The Evolution of Dad Dancing.” It features familiar moves like the “Belt Grabber” and the “Oh, Stop It! I’m Not Embarrassing You!” Watch it and see if you can’t pick out some familiar moves you’ve witnessed at a family reunion. 

Brian is Back – Dad dancing wasn’t the only thing that kept Jimmy Fallon busy this week: he turned NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams into a rap star yet again, with his remix of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” Classic. 

Garmin vs. Google – Garmin was helping you find your way around town long before smartphones came around, so it’s not surprising that the company isn’t going to shy away from smart technology. This week, Garmin launched premium GPS app Viago, available for iOS and Android devices. Learn more about the app on Mashable.com

Giraffes from Ghana – Delta made an “oops” on Twitter this week while trying to celebrate Team USA’s win over Ghana on July 16. In case you didn’t know, giraffes do not live in Ghana. Check out the tweet – and the Twitter fallout – here

John Stamos and Jerome Jarre – It was the Vine heard ‘round the world this week: Vine star Jerome Jarre latest Kiss Prank victim was John Stamos, who in turn planted a big ol’ wet one on Jarre. Vine users saw and eruption of homophobic slurs in the aftermath, but users who stuck around long enough saw something else: Jarre taking on his haters. Mashable.com has the full scoop – check it out

Facebook Down – Facebook users were less-than-pleased to wake up Thursday morning and realize their beloved social network was experiencing an outage. Though it only lasted about 30 minutes, users took to other social platforms – like Twitter – to vent their frustrations and get #FacebookDown trending.  Check out some reactions from the big outage on WPTV.com

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