July 21: Palace photo-bombs and beach bummers heat up the digital week in review

From the Queen to the beach to your "bae" to Mr. Grey, this week was all about viral photos and viral videos. Check out the stories that made digital headlines this week! 

A Royal Photo-bomb: Celebs do it. Your friends do it. Random people on the street do it. Proving that even royals like a good photo-bomb every now and then, Queen Elizabeth interrupted a group of Australian hockey players’ photo in the best way possible. See the awesome pic here

Do you even beach, bro? Most of us know how to beach properly: a towel, sunscreen, and a working knowledge of the tide and how waves work will ensure you have a successful day by the sea. But for some, the day can go from awesome to awkward in a matter of seconds. So Mashable.com decided to share some beach moments these visitors would like to soon forget, via GIFs and some perfectly-timed still photos. Check ‘em out here

Saving grace: Here’s a new Facebook change many of us can get behind: the social media leader announced this week it was rolling out a “save” feature that will allow you to bookmark content in your News Feed so you can return to view it at a later time. Perfect for those of us who can’t wait to stalk…er, view, a friend's vacation photo album at great lengths.

Love fights back: The images have been going viral this week – “Jews and Arabs refuse to be enemies.” Amid the conflict in Gaza, people are taking to social media to spread a message of friendship and love. Photos of couples kissing and friends smiling, holding up signs declaring their commitment to ending animosity, and even a Twitter hashtag (#JewsAndArabsRefuseToBeEnemies) put up quite the fight this week. Take a look at a few of the moving images that were shared across the Internet. 

Miley and Pharrell dance it out: Apparently, “bae” is still a thing. Following the massive success of his smash hit, “Happy,” Pharrell Williams released a video for his new song “Come and Get It Bae” (but really: can we just all agree to stop calling our significant other “bae”?!) which features dancing models and a dancing Miley Cyrus. Hot on the Internet this week, it was a trending topic on both Facebook and Twitter on July 24. 

Your first glimpse of Grey: I would be remiss to NOT mention the debut of the ’50 Shades of Grey’ trailer which hit the Internet on July 24. The scandalous series captivated female audiences and introduced BDSM into the national discourse (seriously: #whips was a trending topic on Twitter, and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t a reference to political officials); and it’s heading to the silver screen in 2015. Social media was abuzz all day Thursday after fans got their first look at the steamy flick. If you dare, watch it for yourself here

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