Guide App allows users to pick dog, robots as news anchors, turns any news feed into news cast

MIAMI - If you love to get your news online, but you don't always have time to read all of your favorite publication's headlines, the Guide is hoping you find use for their new quirky app that uses an avatar of your choice to be your personal news anchor.

Released last week, the guide features unusual "anchors" including robots and dogs to read the news with that human-computerized hybrid voice we've come to know in many sci-fi flicks.

The app allows you to either watch along or have the "newscast" play in the background, using any source, ranging from the New York Times feed to a Twitter feed.

The Guide, a Miami-based-startup, received $1 million from investors, including the Knight Foundation, according to Tech Crunch.

Co-founder Freddie Laker says the app is still in early testing, and when it comes to the strange anchors, he says while one-fifth of the app's testers have an issue with the human anchors, they had no problem with the robots, animals or anime anchors.

Read more about the app here:

To watch an illustration of the app, watch below. Mobile users can click here:

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