Find out who un-friended you on Facebook

It's easy to find a list of all your Facebook friends, but until now, not so easy to find out who has dropped you.

But thanks to a new app, you can now learn who has decided to dump you.

Alerts you to rejection

A new browser app called "Unfriend Finder" will alert you when one of your friends de-friends you. It also alerts you if someone rejects your friend request.

Is it safe? Millions of Facebook users have downloaded it without a problem, and security sites report no issues with it.

The Unfriend Finder app can be downloaded free from its official website. Or type in on your smartphone.
It sets up easily on Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox, on Mac or PC.

It will give you a "minus one" symbol when someone "unfriends" you, the opposite of Facebook's "plus one" symbol. It shows up right on your Facebook page.

With this app, you can quickly find a friendship that's in trouble or needs repair.
Just one downside

There is a downside to installing this. If you're thin-skinned you may not want it. Breaking up is hard to do, and it could leave you with very hurt feelings.

As always don't waste your money.

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