Fake free Southwest ticket offer spreads through Facebook again

TAMPA - A Facebook offer that suggests you can get two free tickets for a flight on Southwest Airlines is another fake, company officials said Monday.

The offer, which looks like a link in your news feed, is titled "2 FREE Southwest Airline Tickets! (limited time only)."

Southwest spokesperson Brooks Thomas said the company was aware of the latest scam, and that they work diligently to let people know it is not real.  "Each time we see the fake giveaway, we work to notify our Customers, our legal department, and Facebook, in order to make sure it's eliminated in a timely fashion."

Southwest also posted a message on their real Facebook page, warning customers about the scam:

"Hi folks! There is another Facebook scam circulating with an offer of 2 free tickets. This is not something sponsored by Southwest, so please don't click the link or provide your info. It's being reported to stop it. Sorry for the trouble!"

The company was also the subject of a similar scam that originally surfaced in November of last year (see http://wfts.tv/vOxbBZ ).

Thomas suggested customers visit southwest.com, or the Southwest Airlines company blog, blogsouthwest.com to confirm any offers.

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