Facebook users have a week to vote on Facebook Privacy Policy changes

Facebook is giving users the opportunity to vote on a number of privacy changes, including the ability to vote on future policy changes, and they have until December 10 to do so.

The proposed changes to Facebook's State of Rights and Responsibilities and Data Use policy were made by the social media company November 21, according to CNN.

Some of the proposals include eliminating voting on site governance changes and  allowing Facebook to share data freely with affiliates like Instagram.

The changes may also change who can contact users through messages and clarify who can see content after you hide it from your timeline, according to a summary of the changes written by TechCrunch.

The voting, which started Dec. 3, is done through a custom third-party app, called Facebook Governance. https://apps.facebook.com/fbsitegovernance/

To learn more, read CNN's report about the changes here: http://bit.ly/TLAKb2

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