Business makes QR codes for headstones, visitors can scan to learn about deceased

PHILADELPHIA - Most Smartphone users were introduced to QR codes as digital bar codes they could scan with their cell for retail discounts.  

But one Philadelphia couple is bringing the afterlife into the digital age by using QR codes as a way to keep the memory of deceased loved ones alive, according to an NPR report.

Digital Legacy creates QR code stickers made for graves' tombstones, and when the code is scanned, it takes Smartphone users to an online tribute for the deceased.

Lori Miller, who owns the business with her husband Rick, has already pasted one of the QR code stickers on her mother's headstone. When she scans the code, she tells NPR that it connects her to wonderful memories of her mother instantly.

"Now I feel that I come out, and I put my smartphone on, and I can look at my mom and say, 'Mom, what were you thinking when you wore that hairdo years ago… I think you can better feel, and walk away feeling better – maybe even laughing, sometimes," she said.

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