"Burn Note" emails not traceable online or on computer after "self-destructing"

DETROIT - Have you ever wished you could send someone a message and not have to worry about it being stored or traced?

A website called BurnNote.com allows you to send someone an email that can be viewed for only 60 seconds, and then it will "self-destruct." The site claims at that point, the message is no longer traceable online or even on your computer.

The site's creator says Burn Notes are destroyed immediately after being viewed, and then deleted from the site's servers as well as the phones and computers that send and receive them.

When you get to the site, you'll just type your message, click send and then you'll get a link that you can paste into an email. If you sign up for the site, you can email the message directly.

When the person receives the link, they'll be warned they can only view that message once. When they open it, a countdown begins giving the recipient 60 seconds before the message is wiped out completely.

Click BurnNote.com to send one.

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