August 25 - British Twitter humor misses the mark on historic anniversary: a digital week in review

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - It was a BUSY week in the digital world this week! From VMA and Emmy buzz to new apps and ideas to 90s fan news that almost broke the Internet…we’re rounding up the hot talkers over the past week. Check ‘em out!

Too soon: The British Embassy in Washington learned rather quickly that it will always be too soon to joke about the burning of the White House during the War of 1812. Sunday, August 24 marked the 200th anniversary of the British storming the nation’s capital and setting the White House ablaze. The Embassy commemorated the date with a cake and the promise of “only sparklers this time!” Americans were not amused, though

The MTV VMAs: The Internet basically exploded on Sunday, August 24 during the MTV Video Music Awards (the VMAs, in case you didn’t know that acronym). Between Miley’s grown-up presence (no twerking this year – she aimed to raise awareness about homeless youth) and Queen Bey’s performance that had the world bowing down, plus Katy Perry and Riff Raff’s homage to the bygone days of Justin and Britney, it was a Twitter-heavy night. Here are the 27 most important things that happened at the 2014 Awards , according to BuzzFeed.

Emmy Moments: Entertainment fans were treated to the VMAs Sunday night and the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards Monday night – so there was no shortage of celeb news this week! Seth Meyers tried his hand at hosting, Breaking Bad experienced yet another bittersweet ending, and fans got a “Seinfeld” reunion of sorts; check out the 5 most talked-about moments from the show and see if YOUR favorite made the list. 

Uber does lunch: Uber is known for its low fares, clean cars and super-speedy service. So what if, instead of just bringing a car to your location, drivers could bring the thing we all want: food?! Uber’s latest experiment is testing how well a possible lunch-delivery option would go over with customers. has the latest.

Full House, take two!? Be still, our beating hearts: first, 90s kids got the “Boy Meets World” follow-up we’ve wanted since Mr. Feeny uttered the words “do good.” We got Cory and Topanga and the family all together in Disney’s “Girl Meets World.” And now, there’s a very real chance we could see another 90’s favorite, “Full House” back in almost-full force. Have mercy! 

New app gets Instagram moving: Have you ever shared the perfect Instagram photo, with the perfect filter, taken at the perfect angle, and thought to yourself, “You know what would make this image even better? A nice time-lapse”? No? Well, let that thought cross your mind now, because the new Hyperlapse app is bringing your Instagram pics to life…quickly. Read more about the new app here

Dad films daughter taking selfies, hilarity ensues: As if you needed further proof that NO ONE looks good while setting up the perfect selfie…a father secretly filmed his daughter snapping selfies, and the resulting video is just hilarious. It’s your viral video of the week, and you can watch it on

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