Apps for all: How the mobile market has changed in the past year

Smartphones now majority of wireless market

Nielsen has crunched the numbers -- and more Americans than ever are buying mobile apps, while spending less time on the web.

Engadget is reporting that as of mid-2012, the average U.S. smartphone user has 41 apps on his or her device.  

That's a 28 percent jump from last year, and it makes sense, considering the fact that smartphones now make up the majority of the wireless market. 

Nielsen says there are 84 million Android and iOS users in the U.S. this year, up from 38 million in 2011, and those users are choosing to spend their time on native apps rather than surfing the mobile web.

The top five apps, according to Nielsen, have not changed since last year -- Facebook, YouTube, Android Market, Google Search and Gmail attract the most users. 

Privacy concerns are also high in users' minds, with 73 percent of them wary of sharing information over mobile networks.

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