All Apple iPhone docks and chargers may soon be worthless

Millions of iPhone owners also have an impressive array of Apple accessories, from fancy cases to multiple chargers, to docking stations and external speakers.

As of this fall, all those expensive gadgets may be obsolete, according to new reports in Forbes Magazine and popular blogs such as MacRumors.

Connector to slim down

The reason? Multiple reports that Apple will eliminate the clunky 30-pin connector on the iPhone, for a much smaller 19 pin connector.

It makes sense, as Apple tries to make the upcoming iPhone5 thinner, while at the same time increasing its screen size to 4 inches, similar to an Android phone.

However, the connector, used on multiple versions of the iPhone, has spawned thousands of accessories from clock radios to docking stations that turn the iPhone into a household appliance.

Forbes says within a few weeks you should start to see 30 pin to 19 pin adaptors for sale, probably for just a few dollars. 

Unfortunately, any adaptor will feel "clunky" on a sleek new iPhone, and many users will likely replace all their docks and gadgets soon after buying the new phone.

As always, don't waste your money.


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