9 Facebook features for frequent users

Facebook often gets a lot of publicity when it makes major changes to its Web layout, but other features slip through the cracks.  Here are nine features via Mashable that you might not have realized Facebook offered.

1. Social reader privacy

Perhaps you enjoy articles from social readers but don't want all of your friends to know what you're up to. By accessing the "Account Settings" menu and then the "Apps" tab, you can choose who can see what you are reading online.

2. Creating a list

Facebook now allows you to make lists to create a news feed based on your interests. This feature is similar to a list on Twitter, and the Facebook version can comprise people, friends and subscriptions. Under the "Interests" section of your homepage, select "Add Interests," and then "Create List."

3. Mapping photos

You can show where you have traveled by mapping your Facebook photos. After you have uploaded your photos, choose the "Add Photos to Map" option and enter any information you want about where you were at the time the photos were taken.

4. Repositioning photos

Facebook now allows you to move a photo within the frame to make it appear best on your timeline. Click on the "Pencil" icon in the top-right corner and select "reposition photo" to alter your image.

5. Hiding from friends

Facebook allows you to be seen as "offline" while staying on the website. This will keep you invisible to "friends" with whom you might not want to chat all the time. In your chat list, click on a name and choose "Go Offline to [friend's name]" under the menu bar in the chat window.

6. Previewing tags

Are you paranoid that a friend might tag you in a photo that you would rather not have anyone see? Facebook allows you to review tags before posts and photos show up on your timeline. Go to "Privacy Settings" from your homepage and click next to "Timeline and Tagging" to adjust your settings as desired.

7. Keeping your news feed clean

Tired of all those posts your friends are making about Facebook apps and pages that you really don't care about? Now you can choose to keep some types of posts off your timeline. Go to the pencil icon on the homepage, then select "News Feed" and "Edit Settings."

8. Creating a secret group

Need to plan a surprise party or talk about a subject without the whole world discovering it? You can create a secret group with select friends to have your conversations, plans and debates. This is identical to any other group, but be sure to select "secret" from the drop-down menu.

9. Upload high-quality photos

This is a simple trick to make your Facebook photos look better. Check the "High Quality" box before you upload your photos, and the resolution will be higher.

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