$10 poster raffle promises to send winner to space, may take a couple years for trip to be available

If you've ever hoped to fly to outer space one day but you can't afford the six-figure ticket price, one online business could make your dream come true, Fox News reports. ( http://fxn.ws/K31nV2 )

I Dream of Space, a startup company based in New Zealand, is selling posters in exchange for an entry into a drawing for a ticket to space.

It costs $10 to purchase a space themed digital poster, and $15 to get a physical poster sent to you.

"…so every time someone buys a $10 poster from us, we put them into a draw to win a REAL ticket to space," the website says.

For space enthusiasts who plan to foot the bill for a space flight themselves, the cost to ride on Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two is $200,000 and seat on XCOR Areospace's Lynx is $95,000, according to the report.

People who enter the drawing should know that if they win—it may take years before space flight companies begin to offer commercial flights.

There is a 1 in 25,000 chance you could win.

For more details visit I Dream of Space:  https://www.idreamofspace.com/

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