Teen discovers a way to charge batteries in 20 seconds

SARATOGA, Calif. - Esha Khar, an 18-year-old senior at Lynbrook High school in San Jose, Calif., has received a prestigious award that many science students can only dream of, thanks to an invention that charges batteries in seconds.

Her discoveries have drawn attention to some of the country's top universities and Google.

Khare was one out of three students to receive the Young Scientist Award and awarded $50,000 for being a finalist at the Intel International Science Engineering Fair for her invention.

After thorough research, Khare was able to create a device, known as the supercapacitor, that has the potential to charge electronic devices in just 20 seconds. So far, her invention is able to charge a small LED light.

According to Nature World News , since Khare is specializing in nano-chemistry, she was able to figure out the right dimensions for the device.

She told NBC News that her inspiration for the invention came because her cell phone battery would always die and its an issue that young teens are constantly complaining about around school.

Khare plans to attend Harvard University in the fall semester where she plans to further her research and as she stated set the world on fire with her future discoveries.

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Source: Nature World News


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