Road rage incidents on U.S. 19 have drivers on alert

Phone video captures man assaulting a truck driver

When Ed Taylor saw the driver jump out of his white Ford F-150 pickup at the intersection of U.S. 19 and State Road 54 Saturday afternoon, he was concerned enough about being involved in a road rage confrontation.

But concern turned to genuine fear when the man flashed a handgun while yelling and pulling open the driver's side door of his delivery truck that Taylor and his partner were driving.

Fortunately, the man didn't use the gun and left the scene.

"That guy needs to be off the road," said Taylor.  "That could have been someone who wants to retaliate and that could have gotten ugly."

Taylor said he called 9-1-1, but spent ten minutes being transferred numerous times.  By the time he reached someone who was willing to hear the story, the suspect was long gone.

Taylor was frustrated he wasn't able to get a report filed with the Pasco County Sheriff's Offfice until several hours later.

Meanwhile, Friday morning at 10:30 another road rage incident was captured on cell phone video at U.S.19 and Tarpon Springs Road.

A furious man is seen assaulting the driver of a dump truck, opening and slamming the door of the vehicle on the driver's leg.  The angry man yells obscenities and then threatens the person recording the confrontation.

The company that owns the truck is considering filing an assault complaint against the driver who attacked its employee.

Both road rage drivers remain at large.


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