Testimony in McTear trial to resume Monday

A video of Richard McTear's arrest and walk into the Hillsborough County Jail in May 2009 was played for the jury on day four of his murder trial. 
McTear is accused of throwing his ex-girlfriend's infant out of the car window along I-275 back in 2009.
In the video, McTear is seen walking in handcuffs with deputies through a group of reporters. A reporter asks McTear whether he threw the baby from the car and his response, which is heard on the video, was "It's a dirty game." 
The judge allowed the video to be entered into evidence despite an objection by McTear's defense, who argued that his response was not relevant and instead, lyrics to a rap song. 
After a lunch break, Dr. Laura Hair, Dep. Chief Medical Examiner for Hillsborough County, took the stand. Jurors wiped tears away as they heard Dr. Hair's testimony of the injuries the baby sustained, including road rash, multiple skull fractures, and hemorrhaging.
The cause of death, Dr. Hair said, was blunt impact to his head with skull fractures, and it was a homicide, though Dr. Hair could not pinpoint the time of the baby's death. 
Testimony wrapped up mid-afternoon Friday, capping a week of emotionally-charged, sometimes gruesome testimony.
During Thursday's testimony, Jerry Bird, a television news photographer on his way to work around 3:30 a.m., testified he saw a "dark mass" in the emergency lane on the side of the road and thought it might be a doll. "But the more I started thinking about it, I said, what if it isn't a doll?" Bird said. Bird got off the interstate and turned around, even running a red light, to find out what it was that he saw. "I could tell right away it was a human baby," he said. 
Earlier in the day, two Hillsborough County deputies who were the first to respond to the scene testified the baby was not breathing and had road rash, head and neck injuries. Efforts to revive the baby were not successful, they said. Paramedics declared the baby dead at the scene at 4:31 a.m.

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The mother of McTear's own child, Re'Chell Hill testified McTear threatened them too, after baby Emmanuel was found dead. "He indicated to me either 'you're next' or 'your baby is next' or 'ya'll are next,'' she said. But she also said he was a "phenomenal provider," and that she frequently visits him in jail.

The trial will resume early Monday. If convicted, McTear could face the death penalty.


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