Report: Man changes story about bear wrestling

SORRENTO, Fla. - A Central Florida man who said he wrestled a bear during an encounter now has another explanation for his injuries, according to WFTV.

In a sworn statement, John Hennessy said he was hurt when he fell while chasing a bear.

He originally said he was outside his mobile home when a bear came at him Thursday night.

Hennessy said at first, he thought the bear was a person and went to see who it was.

"[I was] sitting outside listening to music, and all the sudden I see a shadow go by me. I look off to the side of me and just, I thought it was somebody, and I went to meet whoever it was and it was a bear," Hennessy told WFTV.

He said the startled bear lunged at him and a kind of wrestling matched ensued.

"Once I was here, it was kind of dragging me around by my pant leg. So, luckily you can kind of see the teeth marks where it didn't really get in me. It got more a hold of my clothes than anything," he said.

As proof, Hennessy showed reporters scrapes and bruises to his body.

Wildlife officers continue to investigate, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

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