Report: Florida is not the best place to retire

Despite Florida's overwhelming popularity with retirees, it may not be one of the best places to spend your golden years.

A new report released by listed Tennessee as the top most-retiree friendly state.


Tennessee has the second-lowest cost of living in the country, combined with a low-tax burden and good access to medical care.

Louisiana was second, followed by South Dakota and Kentucky.

While Florida may not have a state income tax, it has a relatively high cost of living and crime rate.  Florida landed 19th place on the list.

According to's Research and Statistics analyst Chris Kahn, states that are not top tourist destinations have a lot to offer.

Kahn and looked at characteristics like access to health care, cost of living, crime and tax burdens to choose the best places to retire.

Here's a list of's 10 best states for retirement:


Here's a list of's 10 worst states for retirement:


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