Repairs to Hernando County sinkhole not enough to prevent another

A recent ground survey shows an area of Hernando County where a massive sinkhole opened last month could be at risk for another in the future.
New blacktop covers a section of Eldridge Road where a massive sink hole opened July 19. The hole has since been filled and cars pass over it with no issues.
But following the repairs, the county contracted a company, Central Testing Laboratories, to perform a ground survey of the immediate area around the repairs.
The survey showed other potential voids and the risk of another sinkhole opening in the future.
"I knock on wood every day that it stays that way," Louis Daniels said.
Superstition will do only so much good, so Daniels said from time to time he also looks for cracks in his pool, or his house – signs that a possible problem is looming just below the surface.
"You concern yourself with it. Although in the back of your mind, you know there's not a thing you can do about it," Daniels said.
Last month the massive sinkhole that opened on Eldridge Road crept dangerously close to his property.
The survey looked at the area just around the original sinkhole and found a potential void 70 feet below the surface in one spot.  
Todd DeJarlais lives a block over from Daniels and says there are sub-surface problems all around his house.
"It's moving. The foundation is moving, shifting," DeJarlais said.
Blue tape marks cracks that run up the side of his house.
There are also cracks in his garage floor concrete, even a window. They're all problems he said are related to voids underground.
Each day he hopes his worst fears are not realized.
"Wake up and there's a hole or maybe we're in the hole or maybe the house is in the hole or maybe half the house," DeJarlais said.
While that survey showed potential problems, the county still says it doesn't plan to fix it.
To do so would cost more than $140,000 and it would still not guarantee a fix. So for now, the county will keep an eye on the area.
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