Tampa apartment complex going through rash of burglaries

TAMPA - Barbara, can't sleep. We're not giving her last name, because she is scared.

"I kept hearing noises outside my window," she said.

Last night, deputies on surveillance at the Marina Point Village Court apartments say they spotted a man lurking under Barbara's window. They said Christian Ramirez tried to hide himself in some bushes and when they confronted him Ramirez had no explanation on why he was there.

"I've never called a police man in my life. It just makes me a nervous wreck," she said.

Deputies arrested  Ramirez, 33, how has a long criminal history-ranging from domestic battery to burglary, even loitering and prowling outside a Town n' Country apartment complex in 2007.

Detectives caught Ramirez outside of Barbara's window. On the other side is her bedroom. She told ABC Action News she had a frightening experience in October.

"At 5 o' clock I woke up and there was a man standing over my bed."

While deputies have not connected the alleged crimes.  It is enough for Barbara to want to move.

"I can't sleep. I've been going out at night spending the night with my daughter. I mean my life is totally rearranged because of this," she told us.

She's 65 and a retired teacher out of Lakeland. She moved here to be closer to her grandson.
Management sent a letter out to residents warning them to be careful after a string of burglaries happened in the area. For Barbara, it's not enough.

"This is my retirement, but its actually become my enclosure. I'm blocked in. You don't sleep."

She's already looking for a new home.

In the meantime, Ramirez is out of jail after posting a $250 bond.

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