Your airbags could be fake and unsafe, government to make announcement today

Government to make announcement today

WASHINGTON - Have you gotten your airbags in your car or truck replaced in the last three years?  If so, you will want to pay close attention to a government announcement expected for later today.

Apparently, there have been some counterfeit bags installed in hundreds of thousands of cars within the last three year and now, the government plans to take action.

We're told the airbags are not inflating properly or they fail to inflate all together.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expected to issue a warning today for consumers who have had their airbags replaced. 

This is not being considered a recall just yet, just a consumer warning. 

According to the NHTSA, around 240,000 cars and trucks are being considered in the warning.

Owners of cars and trucks that have been labeled salvaged, rebuilt or reconstructed could be at risk, especially if you bought replacement airbags from an independent source. 

Replacing defective airbag could cost hundreds of dollars. 

Vehicle owners who suspect they may have counterfeit airbags will be asked to contact a call center set up by the auto makers. 

Stay with ABC Action News as we will pass that number along to you as soon as it becomes available.

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