Workers march in Ybor City to protest Bain Capital

TAMPA - On Monday, a group of mostly minimum wage workers marched on Westshore Boulevard and later Ybor City.  The group targeted companies owned, at least in part, by Bain Capital.  That includes Tampa's Bloomin' Brands, which owns a number of restaurant chains like Outback Steakhouse.
Protesters say, under Bain, the companies have fought to increase employee pay.
"We're being under-appreciated, overworked and we're being underpaid," said protester Richard Hooten.

But even though most of Monday's protests remained civil, there were signs that not everyone wanted them to stay that way.  Tampa Police say officers fielded a number of calls of suspicious items, at one point finding several dozen glass bottles carefully placed on one building's roof.
"We can't say with 100% accuracy that they were going to be used as projectiles or weapons, but we saw individuals along the parade route up on the tops of buildings," said Chief Jane Castor.

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