With Richie Incognito racial bullying story still raging, people weigh in on NFL culture

620WDAE & ex-NFLer Ian Beckles talks Incognito

TAMPA - "I am just trying to weather the storm" are  words from Dolphins offensive lineman Richie Incognito.

Incognito has been in the eye of the storm since allegations of using a racial slur while bullying a teammate, Jonathan Martin, surfaced.

"I've taken stuff too far, and I didn't know it was hurting him," Incognito said in a sit down interview.

Incognito would then go on to defend himself and his actions by talking about the culture in an NFL locker room, saying, "There are a lot of colorful words thrown around the locker room that we don't use in everyday life."

The story has been making its rounds on TV, the internet, and the radio.

620 WDAE sports talk show host Ian Beckles, from the Ron and Ian show, brings a unique perspective to this story.

Beckles not only talks football, he lived it in the NFL, on the offensive line, for both the Bucs and the Eagles.

Regarding racial bullying in the locker roon, Beckles said, "Not the atmosphere I was in...I mean the 'N'-word is not something that was thrown around."

But Beckles would add, if that was the atmosphere in Miami, "So be it." He says if Incognito was allowed to use that word, it changes the story.

The story that doesn't change though, is the locker room, because in the NFL, there is no place for the weak, physically and mentally.

"Everybody expects you to be tough on Sunday, and if you can't deal with a little harassing, and that's all I know it was a little harassing, you're not going to last anyway," he said.

Beckles says he can see Incognito back in the NFL at some point, just not with the Dolphins. He also feels it will be a lot tougher for Martin to come back, because it will be harder for him to be accepted in the locker room atmosphere.

He would end with this thought, referring to Martin, "I hope for this kid's sake he gets himself some help, because I think it is a little bit deeper than what we are actually seeing."

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