With Encore, downtown Tampa takes a step forward

It’s another big step for downtown Tampa as the latest phase of a housing development known as The Trio at Encore opens up, revitalizing the look of a once-proud area.
Liz Holm just moved into her Encore last month. She pays just over a thousand dollars a month in rent for a two bedroom unit. She says it's a steal for downtown living.
"You are not going to find anywhere new, nice location for the price. My view is awesome as well," Holm said.
These apartments are just the latest addition. They sit next to Ella -- affordable housing for senior citizens.
There are pools on the rooftops with workout and shopping space down below.
"There's a lot going up all over, I mean I can see downtown they are trying to revamp it and make everything a little bit better, younger and older," Holm said.
70 percent of the living space in the Trio is affordable housing, the other 30 percent is at market rate, which can run from $700 to a thousand dollars a month.
Housing authority CEO Jerome Ryans said this development is their crown jewel, but admits it took a while to convince previous public housing residents that the change was needed.
"Sometimes residents are made a lot of promises and sometimes as housing authorities over the years we haven't done a good job of living up to those promises and we made a commitment to them that we are going to make this a better place, made a commitment to the city," Ryans said.
All of Encore is meant to tie in to the area's history.  Central Avenue once thrived with African American businesses and culture. That past is honored with the custom murals on the side of the building.
"This was a historical area for a long time. We want to bring all of that back and let people know that we aren't changing history. We are building on the history that's already here," Ryans said.
There's more to come -- two more apartment buildings and a grocery store
All  in the shadow of the downtown skyline.
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