Will fans turn out for first Funshine Festival?

30 musical acts playing Fairgournds

TAMPA - When you show up at the Tampa Fairgrounds, you might think they are setting up for a fair.

But the rides are not the main attraction at the Funshine Music Festival.  It's the music.

Thirty different acts on seven stages.  It starts Friday and runs through Sunday.

"We wanted to create an event in Tampa Bay that's for everyone.  We wanted to break the mold a little bit," said Live Nation's David Harb.

To do that, the festival is bringing headline acts like Train, REO Speedwagon, and Gary Allan.  But also newer bands, rock,\ and pop and country, even an American Idol winner.

Victor Masters bought his tickets so he could see the Smashing Pumpkins.  "It's something that we've needed and Tampa has always been a rock and roll city, nice atmosphere like this and bring big bands to town, I think everybody's going to have fun and I think it's something that should be a tradition I think," said Masters.

In these tough economic times, organizers hope they are giving concert-goes the most bang for the buck.  One price, $25, gets you all the music and all the rides.

"What festival have you gone to that provides such a value of 60 midway rides, 30 acts? It's really something for everyone. It's to come out and have a great time," said Harb.

Orlando's attempt at a music festival in 2011 struggled to draw despite big-name acts.  It was canceled after just one year.

But the Funshine Festival says tickets sales are good, and they expect 50,000 people over the weekend.

"We are just going on Saturday, however there are people in the neighborhood that are going all three days, that's how much they were looking forward to it," said ticket buyer Jim Heath.

For more information, go to www.funshinefestival.com .

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