Hillsborough County SWAT team standoff at Hampton Lakes home


The Hillsborough County SWAT team found a man killed himself at his estranged wife's home on Stowbridge Avenue in the Hampton Lakes subdivision.  The man's father told deputies he had threatened suicide.

Just after 5:00 pm, Tuesday, a Lakeland man called the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, and said his son was driving in the Tampa area and calling from his cell phone, threatening suicide with a handgun.

Deputies found the man's vehicle at the home of the his estranged wife.  Deputies called the man on his cell phone and the man indicated he was inside.  He told deputies "he was ok and would be coming out."
Officials evacuated the houses adjacent to the home.
When the man did not come out, and he stopped answering his phone, SWAT and Crisis Negotiation personnel were dispatched.  Negotiators made numerous attempts via the phone and PA system to make contact with the man, but he never responded.
The man's wife got home around 8:00 pm, and provided a key to allow deputies inside.  A robot was sent inside and the man was found deceased from an apparent self inflicted gunshot.
There was no one else inside the residence.
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