Police investigate Ben T. Davis Beach brawl, shooting

TAMPA - On Monday, plenty enjoyed the benefits Ben T. Davis offers, sunbathing and relaxing in the bay.

Among those were Maggie Martin and her son, Edward Ahern.  They were not aware of the previous night's incident.

"I did like the beach but since you told me this, no I won't come back," said Martin.

Ahern said, "It's kind of shocking.  You would think it would be pretty safe.  You wouldn't think you would hear gunshots on a beach, for sure."

Sunday night, police, already patrolling the area, responded to gunshots being fired.  When they arrived, they said, close to a hundred people were frantically trying to get away.

Police said one person was shot in the buttocks, another was scraped by glass or perhaps stabbed with a knife, and a third was struck in the head with a bottle.

Officers chased after one car, caught on DOT cameras, that sped off.

The car with four people inside crashed at Memorial Highway and Kennedy Boulevard.

Tampa police spokesperson Andrea Davis said, "Right now, the driver has not been charged. We are investigating if he was involved in the shooting, as well as the three passengers. But right now it is an active investigation."

Davis also said it appears to be an isolated incident.

But police do patrol the area because the beach attracts large crowds in the evening. Although it is only open until sunset.

"We are trying to determine what the fight was about and why shots were fired," said Davis.

Even though police are committed to getting to the bottom of this, it is of little comfort to Martin and Ahern.

Ahern is visiting from Indiana, and mother and son say they will enjoy other benefits Florida has to offer.

"If this type of stuff happens, we'll just lay out in my backyard," said Martin.

The driver of the car remains in the hospital but is expected to be alright.

The three victims did not suffer life-threatening injuries. Only one remains in the hospital.

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