Voters fed up with Congress waiting until last minute to strike deal on fiscal cliff

TAMPA - Whether or not Congress will avoid the so-called fiscal cliff, voters are still fed up with elected officials dragging their feet.

"It is a game. It's like it's not serious anymore," said Brenda Collazo, who is tired of members of Congress not getting along. "This is our future. It's our lives. It's what we invest in and they don't see it that way anymore."

Collazo said she took her daughter to the park to get away from all the political coverage.

"I'm at the point where whatever happens, happens," she said. "Because we have no control anymore."

For many, the frustration lies with the procrastination in Congress. The deal that could have been done months ago, finally started to come together the day of the deadline.

In the real world, missing deadlines carriers serious consequences.

"You pay your TECO late, they charge you extra or they cut it off," said Jason Tyler, another voter frustrated with Congress. "I think they play mind games."

Mind games that many are sick and tired of.

"They remind of school-yard bullies that don't want to compromise in any way and they just want their way," said Katie Eledge in downtown Tampa.

Now as people toast to the new year, they're left to wonder if their elected officials will figure out a way to undo what's already been done.

"We have children, we have families," Collazo said. "We have to prepare for our futures as well."

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