Victim's widow furious that Trevor Dooley could walk free on $100,000 bond

TAMPA, Fla. - In a mid-January sentencing, Kanina James told Trevor Dooley her one wish for his future while he hung his head in a Hillsborough County courtroom.

"I hope you spend the rest of your life, miserable, in jail," James said.

At 4:30 Friday afternoon, however, James' greatest fear came true.

Dooley could walk out of jail on bond any day.

"A convicted killer goes free. It's not right," James said. "I'm furious, so furious."

It's freedom James says she will never really have again, after Dooley shot and killed her husband, David James, while they fought on a Valrico basketball court in 2010.

Friday afternoon, Judge Ashley Moodey gave Dooley a $100,000 bond while he appeals his 8-year manslaughter sentence.

James calls it anything but fair. She plans to fight Dooley's bond.

"We didn't have even one extra second with DJ," she cried. "We didn't even get to say goodbye."

James cries a lot these days, even two-and-a-half years after losing her husband, who died in front of their 8-year-old daughter, Danielle.

Now 11-years-old and in counseling, Danielle lives far away from James, who lost custody after getting addicted to prescription drugs while trying to numb the pain.

"Dooley's taken my life from me. He didn't ruin one life. He didn't take one. He took my life. He took my daughter's life," she sobbed.

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