USF's football jerseys will just say THE TEAM on the back

If you've ever talked to a sports cliche machine, they've probably told you something about how "The name on the front of the jersey is more important than the name on the back," because, you know, the front of the jersey has the team name on it and the back tends to have a player name.
USF football is going to try to eliminate that problem:
We've seen things like this before, with varying levels of plausibility/coolness. I have to say this falls pretty low on the coolness scale.
I could understand putting the team name on the back, or maybe even just "team," but "THE TEAM" seems like there was a miscommunication when Willie Taggart was on the phone with the uniform people.
"Hey, instead of the players' last names, just put the team on the back."
"Got it. Putting "the team" on the back,." (Clicks)
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