Federal transportation secretary visits Tampa to push Congress to refund depleted highway fund

Federal Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx visited Tampa on Monday to promote the president’s highway improvement plan that has yet to receive funding.
Foxx spoke in front of a section of I-275 that crews are widening.
The president’s Grow America Act would replenish the highway trust fund that Foxx warned could be exhausted by August.
"We put together a $302 billion package that won't just get the highway trust fund back to level. We will invest more in infrastructure in this country, creating more jobs, creating more mobility, creating better quality of life and moving America forward,” Foxx said.
Critics have said a previous act that promised similar improvements didn’t pay off.
But Foxx disagreed. He used the I-275 widening project as an example, noting that it’s part of the $1.8 million Tampa Interstate Study that received $940 million in federal dollars.
"Folks are paying the cost for poor road conditions, and we just got to do more as a country,” Foxx said. “We can do better than this. We set the standard for the world. We should keep doing that."
The I-275 widening project has already been fully funded. But Foxx said money for future projects, including work at the Interstate 4 and I-275 interchange, may face funding challenges.
There is no set date on when Congress will vote on whether to fund the Grow America Act.
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